Business focuses have evolved over the years at Impinj. Naturally, so has the brand. Without a consistent brand system, however, marketing communications had become fragmented with little continuity in visual design language. When I started my role as Creative Director it became clear that to scale creative output at the desired rate, a comprehensive brand system would be my #1 priority. I took the opportunity to create and roll out an entirely new visual design system, brand guidelines and creative asset tool kit. The projects on this page are just a few examples of the new system at work.



Another key initiative of my new role at Impinj was the wholesale redesign of Impinj’s corporate website. It had been 3 years since their last launch. An all-new website experience was required to reflect new messaging, brand and ever-growing content demands. The old CMS did not support modular design in a way that would optimize content discoverability and responsive scaffolding. As Creative Director, I led the Discovery and Design phases of this ambitious year-long project. driving feature requirements, user flows, UX, wireframes, and visual design. The result is a well-engineered, content-rich, beautiful brand experience.



Telling a simple, concise, and compelling story around an extremely complex business message is always a challenge. Impinj is no exception. The company is a leader in hardware and software technology that helps companies track the identity, location and authenticity of everyday items. But what does that mean really? Good question! As Creative Director, I was tasked with designing and developing a short video that would clearly articulate the complexities of Impinj’s technology solution… in 30 seconds or less. I storyboarded the piece and directed design while collaborating with my good friends at Loaded Pictures on animation.


One of the satisfying aspects of my role at Impinj has been the great variety of project types and breadth of media I get to design for. With a background primarily focused on digital interactive, it's been fun supporting a good deal of print advertising at Impinj.



Impinj participates in over a dozen major industry trade shows worldwide every year. Trade shows represent the largest percentage of our marketing budget and as such, are a significant component of my role as Creative Director. I work directly with field marketing to develop themes and drive creative for all our trade show build-outs and collateral assets. My trusted design partners at Graphiti Associates consistently deliver high quality results on execution.



Impinj markets countless products, software solutions and services across five major global market verticals. There are many existing use case scenarios and constant demands to produce collateral for new ones. When I started my role, there was no standardized template solution or work-flow for quickly generating Impinj-branded collateral. Every new request was a one-off, resulting in undue churn, inconsistency and sub-par quality. It quickly became clear that a templatized solution for the massive collateral demand across sales channels would be required for survival. I analyzed content patterns for each major collateral type and worked with content stakeholders to create standardized authoring templates that could be consumed by newly branded template systems. The result was a 500% production increase and consistent brand presentation across verticals.



No detailed explanation required here. We create a ton of these banner assets for our own corporate promotions and for web marketing across industry verticals. I am responsible for the design direction and production of these and similar assets to ensure timely delivery and on-brand execution.



Impinj solutions are technologically complex. They frequently require visual diagrams that help illustrate and simplify abstract concepts. With a background in illustration, I enjoy working with business leaders to identify key concepts and translate them into diagrams and graphics that drive better understanding of the technology.